Gelato is the Italian word for Ice cream or frozen dessert. 
The art of gelato making is centuries old in Italy. Recipes are handed down through the generations.
Gelato is a European style ice cream that has very little air whipped into it containing  6-10% butterfat in comparison with ice cream which legally must contain 10% butterfat. Most store bought ice creams range between 14-16% and some ice cream specialty stores' product contains up to 24% butterfat. Our Gelato is very dense; it weighs almost twice as much per scoop as most ice creams.  Gelato is folded rather than whipped creating a richer, creamier texture. By using less air, we don’t have to use a  high butterfat cream, which eliminates the greasy palate caused by a lot of fat.







Gelato Da Vinci sorbets are a blend of fresh fruits and fruit juices. Our sorbet's are made with water, making them light and refreshing. While some companies try to cut costs by using flavor enhancers, powders and oils, we go right to the source for our flavors, the fruit! What you will experience when tasting the sorbets is an explosion of flavor in your mouth that is second to none. We are very proud to use the very best fruit. Our raspberries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries oranges and other fruit are picked fresh every season to kick our sorbet's up another notch above the rest! Our Sorbet's make great drinks and are also excellent as a palate cleanser which leaves your mouth feeling crisp and refreshing.










Below is a list of the flavors we make throughout the year.

Gelato Flavors Sorbet Flavors
Amaretto - reminiscent of a sweet chocolate almond liqueur Blood Orange - eye catching, a sweet and mellow flavor
Black Forest - combines Amarena cherries with chocolate flakes Cranberry - sweet and tangy, made with real cranberries - Fall flavor
Butter Pecan - buttery gelato with toasted pecans Kiwi - sweet tart flavor
Cake Spectacular - cake and ice cream in every bite Lemon - intense tart flavor just as you remember those hot summer days
Cappuccino Chip - espresso and cream with our dark chocolate flakes Mango - the sensational, intense flavor of mangos
Caramel & Sea Salt- caramel & chocolate with Mediterranean sea salt Orange - delicious and refreshing as a summertime treat
Coconut Cream Pie - zesty sweet coconut makes this a summer favorite Raspberry - a classic raspberry flavor with tiny raspberry seeds
Coffee Biscotti - combines coffee & sweet cookie biscotti Strawberry Lemonade - strawberries & tart lemon juice - Summer flavor
Cookies and Cream - rich sweet cream and chocolate cookies
Cosmo Crunch - rich gelato with caramel, chocolate and Heath bar
Crème Brulee - Leonardo da Vinci's last dying wish - crème brulee gelato
Dark Chocolate - blending the worlds finest cacao
Dragon Fire - vanilla bean laced with caramel, and spicy peanuts
Italian Kiss - light chocolate hazelnut with a hint of orange
Key Lime Pie - an American classic
Milano Cookie - roasted almond & vanilla, it's as irresistible as a Milano cookie
Milk Chocolate - smooth and creamy
Mint with Chip - delicious, refreshing mint with chocolate flakes
Nutella- this incredibe European spread comes to you in a chilled version
Peanut Fudge Chip - like your favorite peanut butter & chocolate candy After Dark Series - Alcohol Infused
Pistachio - using the finest Sicilian nuts, creating salty goodness Order 1 week ahead and min. 2 gallons
Spumoni - chocolate, pistachio and cherry to create this authentic flavor
Stracciatella - sweet cream gelato with dark chocolate flakes Irish Cream
Strawberry & Cream - creamy gelato & summer sweet strawberries Chocolate Martini
Vanilla Bean - made with the most sought after Madagascar vanilla bean Mint Julep
White Chocolate - smooth and rich white chocolate goodness Peach Champagne
White Chocolate Raspberry - a very sophisticated gelato you would expect at a wedding
Fall/Winter   (September - January)
Candy Cane - crushed candy canes, our most popular holiday flavor
Mistletoe - a Christmas favorite with gelato swirled with tart Amarena cherries
Pumpkin Pie - memories of Grandma's pumpkin pie
Red Velvet - rich & sweet chocolate cake with a distinctive deep red color
Tiramisu - delightful gelato and espresso make this a magical treat





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