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Gelato Da Vinci has won many awards over the years of being open. This is a testament to the quality and authenticity of our Gelato and Sorbet.


Zoobilation is the #1 charity function in the Indianapolis area. Over 80 of the top restaurants compete for the coveted prize of "Best of the Best" We have been honored to win 6 years in a row. We won the coveted blue ribbon every year we were invited.




Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2010 (We were judged on our Spotted Tiger gelato. It is described as our chocolate martini with orange spots of orange gelato liquor.)

Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2009 (We were judged on our “Dragonfire” gelato. It had a scoop of vanilla bean / pineapple gelato with roasted peanuts in cayenne pepper and caramel sauce and a second scoop of coconut gelato)

Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2008  (We were judged on our Lamington gelato. It is best described as coconut cake gelato with a hint of rum with dark chocolate flakes throughout. We served the Lamington gelato in a wedge cake slice with a scoop of our dark chocolate gelato on the side. We also received rave comments on our Kiwi sorbet. We served chocolate and lamington gelato and kiwi sorbet.

Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2007  (We were judged on our chocolate and sangria gelato duo "blackjack") We served chocolate, sangria and love affair gelato. Our love affair was loved by all.

Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2006  (We were judged on our chocolate martini gelato.) Chocolate Martini gelato is our version of the famous chocolate martini drink. Yes, there is actually alcohol in the gelato. We served chocolate martini gelato, banana sorbet, blackberry and cream gelato.

Best of the Best at Zoobilation 2005  (We were judged on a trio of mango, Raspberry and kiwi sorbet) We served mango, raspberry and kiwi sorbet.

1st runnerup at Dining ala Heart 2005  (We called it Sorbet Sensation that included Strawberry, lemon and kiwi)




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